Q & A

Are you licensed and insured?
Yes- We Have a Virginia Beach Business License
A Virginia Contractors License
A Current Virginia Pesticide Business License
Pesticide Applicators Certificate
We Have Insurance
We are always happy to show you proof upon request.


Do landscapers really need a contractors license?

Yes – Landscapers are required to have a Virginia Contractors License with a LSC (landscaping) classificationNorth End Landscapes also has BRK (masonry), CEM (concrete)  and PTC (paint and wall covering). Anyone that is selling you a landscape service without being licensed is breaking the law.


Do you charge for estimates?

No- We do not charge for simply looking at a job
for pricing purposes. We do charge for diagnostic
appointments and consulting. Please call for more


Can you draw me a sketch of your ideas?
Yes-However, we do not release copies of the design until
a contract is signed. We do not give away our knowledge
and ideas for free. A design fee for larger jobs may apply.


Do you serve commercial locations?


What if I can’t afford to do everything that I want to do right now?
One way to tackle larger projects while staying on a budget, is to use
North End Landscapes Inc. to design an overall plan.
We can then help you to prioritize the different steps of the job, and help you to divide it all into affordable stages, through completion.


Can you provide references?


Do you use illegal immigrant labor?

Never! We use american citizens that meet our rigorous standards. This is a major problem in our industry. Businesses usually pay illegal workers minimum wage or less, if they pay them at all. These poor workers have no recourse against the business owner due to their “illegal” status. This practice causes unfair competition to legally operating businesses, and is a terrible way to treat another human being.

If you have a specific question…contact us